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Healthy vines with improved longevity and enhanced quality production.

With VINE MASTER PRUNERS Academy this dream can become your reality.


Yes, I want to become an expert in pruning.

Each year established vineyards commonly start to lose productivity as they age, especially when infected with grapevine trunk diseases (GTD), ultimately compromising overall wine production.

Pruning can directly influence the vines longevity, their productivity and overall grape quality and annual wine production totals.
Changing your approach to pruning you can boost your vine health and improve vineyard longevity.

This is what happens at the wineries that don’t apply SIMONIT&SIRCH pruning Method:

Grapevine trunk diseases



Over time, grapevine trunk diseases, such as Eutypa, can compromise the vines’ health, with possible loss of productivity or grape quality, or even premature decline of the vineyard itself

Irregular productivity


Quantity and quality of the grapes vary significantly as the vine matures depending on the collective impact annual pruning has on each vines own vascular system. Unexpected climatic events only intensify the effect due to a compromised vascular system (sap flow)

Increased decision-making impact on work management


Structural formation changes created due to the limited understanding of the collective consequences caused by annual pruning, result in uneven vine structural formation of the whole vineyard, represented as lower potential vineyard quality and reduced work efficiency over time

These are the potential misconceptions you may have:

“That’s how we’ve always done it”

We all know that pruning determines the coming seasons production targets. However often the individual pruners professional development is not given sufficient attention.

Expert pruning staff can help you increase pruning efficiency, improve grape quality and reach overall production goals.

Treatment-only approach

Treating wounds for disinfection with trichoderma-based products is only a partial preventative tool, the other being how we prune. Applying it without changing the approach to the core pruning operations will not solve the root of the problem. We all know that grapevine trunk diseases are difficult to manage as the vine grows in a natural environment and is a subject to a constantly changing conditions, but the impact can be reduced considerably with the correct pruning approach in combination with management of applications.

“Traditional” pruning 

The fact that many vine plants may weaken or die before becoming truly established is partially due to pruning. Traditional cutting techniques, such as “crown head” (many localised cuts) and return cuts (or repositioning cuts) cause accumulation and concentration of dead tissue which obstructs the sap flow which weakens the plant’s resistance and favours grapevine trunk disease.

Do you want to improve your results? Then you need to change your Method.

With the VINE MASTER PRUNERS Academy courses, you’ll learn the SIMONIT&SIRCH Method that prevents and helps solve some problems that are common in many wine growing companies. A new methodology that:

  • decreases GTD susceptibility by reducing wound surface exposure (smaller cuts);
  • boosts your vine health and improves longevity;
  • makes the plants more resistant to unexpected climatic events (more living wood);
  • improves consistency of production;
  • simplifies pruner’s decision-making and improves pruning quality;
  • allows for increased pruning efficiency;
  • contributes to your Brand value.

Why would you believe that? Here is some proof:

  • we’ve been present in Australia since 2016 working with wineries such as Torbreck, Henschke, Curly Flat, Montalto, Elgee Park, Stonier and others
  • many of the world’s most famous wineries already apply the SIMONIT&SIRCH Method;
  • the Method is spoken of by the most respected and established mass media in the world of wine, such as Wine Spectator, VItisphere, TEDx, etc.
  • one of the global leaders in professional pruning shears, FELCO, is our main sponsor;
  • less GTD (esca) incidence on the plants pruned with SIMONIT&SIRCH Method has been shown by INRA and Université di Bordeaux research;
  • SIMONIT&SIRCH has 5 million views on YouTube;
  • Marco Simonit, CEO and Co-Founder of SIMONIT&SIRCH, has sold thousands of copies of his books about the SIMONIT&SIRCH Pruning Method (since May 2022 “Simonit&Sirch’s Guyot Methodology” by Marco Simonit is also available in Australia and New Zealand);
  • SIMONIT&SIRCH has trained more than 15 thousand professional pruners;
  • here is what the first graduates of VMP Academy say about their experience.

And you are still thinking about it? Don’t be the last to switch to the SIMONIT&SIRCH Method. Buy now!

Marco Simonit

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