Pruning school pack

1° Level – Guyot


25 January 2024

Guyot – winter pruning

Location: Chemeketa College, 2015 Doaks Ferry Rd NW, Salem OR 97304, USA
Training system: Guyot
Winter session: 25-26 January 2024
Spring session: May 2024 (to be confirmed)

Language: English. Practical lessons will be exclusively in English.


The package consists of: 2 on-demand courses Vine Pruner and Vine Pruner Advanced + 3 days of vineyard practice: two days during the winter for vine pruning and one day during the spring, for shoot thinning.
The Pruning School is an immersive training program: Simonit&Sirch tutors will share knowledge about grapevine sap flow and teach innovative pruning techniques to foster grapevine health, longevity, and sustainability of the vineyard. The four fundamental principles of Simonit&Sirch pruning applicable to all grapevine training systems will be covered in depth: respect of lymphatic flow, controlled branching, reduction of the number of wounds and execution of small pruning cuts.

At the end of the practical sessions (winter and spring) there will be an examination that will allow you to obtain a Course Attendance Certificate.


How to attend

You can purchase the entire package or just the practical session.
Registration for the Pruning School practical session is only possible for those enrolled in the Vine Pruner and Vine Pruner Advanced courses of the corresponding training form.
You can apply for as many Simonit&Sirch Pruning Schools as you wish.
The practical lessons will be carried out on vines pruned according to the Simonit&Sirch Method.
Only one training form will be covered at each location.


Training program and info

Winter session: full-time lessons from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on both days of the course, meeting directly at the school site. A practical examination will be held at the end of the second day of the course.
Spring session: the date of the training day will be announced well in advance, depending on the state of development of the vineyard, and lessons will always be full-time from 8:00 to 17:00, meeting directly at the school site. At the end of the day there will be a practical exam and attendance certificates for the Simonit&Sirch Pruning School will be handed out.

For all pruners, there is no bad or good weather,but only good or bad equipment. So come equipped to work in all weather conditions. Be prepared with appropriate clothing for the season: rainwear, rubber boots and a change of shoes.
Don’t forget to bring shears, work gloves and goggles.

There will be an opportunity to have lunch together in a local restaurant. Lunch is at your own expense. If you prefer, you are free to make your own arrangements.


For information:


Enrolments will be accepted depending on availability.
The cost of the course will only be refunded if the minimum number of participants is not reached.



Available seats: 9

$ 900.00

1 × 3 days

9 in stock

$ 200.00

9 in stock