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Cane & Spur Pruning Webinars

Marco Simonit · 29 August 2023

Pruning is an operation that creates the foundation of a winery production

It can directly influence the lifespan of the vines, their production, quality of grapes and therefore the wine.

With these virtual video lessons you will be able to observe practical application of the principles of SIMONIT&SIRCH Pruning on the plants trained as bilateral Guyot and as monolateral Spurred Cordon. 

Marco Simonit will show us some specific pruning cases, while observing the plants’ development and analyzing each specific pruning choice he makes. 

Access: illimited, on-demand


  • Introduction: pruning as “plant’s design project”, the importance of reading the plant’s history from its wood structure
  • Preliminary analysis of adult plants in production and evaluation of the plants’ vigor
  • Questions/Answers
  • Pruning according to the SIMONIT&SIRCH principles, with specific reference to : 


  • choosing the future spur: position and number of buds
  • correct removal of the fruiting cane of the last year
  • choosing the new fruiting cane
  • bending and length of the fruiting cane and their consequences for the future shoots development
  • absence of the last year’s spur (“tiralinfa” or sap-puller creation)
  • some precautions to reduce the risks related to the late spring frosts 
  • Bilateral vs. monolateral Guyot

Duration: 56 minutes

Spurred Cordon: 

  • choosing the future spur: bud load
  • growing the vegetative points
  • correct removal of the spur of the last year
  • Bilateral vs. monolateral Spurred Cordon
  • some precautions to reduce the risks related to the late spring frosts 
  • “Smart” repositioning cut: if the plant grows too high 

Duration: 48 minutes

The Recorded Webinars do not constitute a VMP Academy course and don’t give the right to obtain any certificate.

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