Spurred Cordon Shoot Selection Webinar

Marco Simonit · 29 August 2023

Shoot selection is essential for the balanced production.

  • It increases the plants’ efficiency in terms of use of the resources 
  • It helps improves the homogeneity of the shoots and bunches 
  • Helps decrease the risk of diseases
  • It increases our chances to harvest a “good year” harvest in fall

With this virtual video lesson you will be able to observe practical application of the principles of SIMONIT&SIRCH Shoot Selection on the plants trained as monolateral Spurred Cordon. 

Marco Simonit will show us some specific shoot selection cases, while observing the plants’ development and analyzing each specific choice he makes. 

Duration: 48 minutes

Access: illimited, on-demand



  • Introduction: importance of the creation of the “history” on the wood structure of the plant, and of the shoot selection
  • Preliminary analysis of adult plants in production and evaluation of the plants’ vigor
  • Shoot selection according to the SIMONIT&SIRCH principles, with specific reference to : 
    • the position of the spur in the context of the plant’s architecture 
    • balanced development of shoots 
    • correct removal of double shoots 
    • recovery of a missing vegetative point
  • “Smart” repositioning cut: if the plant grows too high 
  • Questions/Answers

The Recorded Webinar does not constitute a VMP Academy course and doesn’t give the right to obtain any certificate.

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