Spurred Cordon Vine Pruner Advanced

Marco Simonit · 7 January 2022

Only the students already enrolled in the Spurred Cordon or Guyot + Spurred Cordon VINE PRUNER course may enroll in this course.

SIMONIT&SIRCH Pruning applied to Spurred Cordon

The course consists of the on-demand video lessons dedicated to the Spurred Cordon training system and the MasterClass video tutorials by Marco Simonit. Being enrolled in the course allows you to purchase the Pruning School practical training sessions and the exam. Students who successfully pass the practical test will receive the Vine Pruner Advanced Cordon certificate.

With the Vine Pruner Advanced Spurred Cordon course you will learn to manage the plants’ development starting from the first stages of growth and up to when they become established.

You will learn to apply the principles of the SIMONIT&SIRCH Pruning which allow for controlled branching, with detailed focus on the three phases of a vine plant’s development:

  • Rooted cutting training and forming the trunk
  • Setting up the horizontal cordon, monolateral and bilateral
  • Development of the branches or tertiary structures and their management over the years

Total duration of the video materials of ine Pruner Advanced Spurred Cordon course is about 4 hours. Enrolling in the Pruner Advanced Spurred Cordon Course gives you:

  • Access to 12 on-demand lessons;
  • Access to 10 video tutorials “MasterClass” by Marco Simonit: practical demonstration of winter pruning and shoot selection.

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